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Single Girder European Overhead Cranes

Single Girder European Overhead Cranes

Condition: New
Type:Single Girder Crane
Span: up to 30 M
Cross Speed: 0~20 M/Min (VVVF)
Working Class: A5-A6
Origin:Henan, China
​Way to Control:Pendant Push Button/Wireless Remote Controller
Application:Plant、Workshop、Goods Yard、Construction

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European cranes is an advanced overhead crane developed independently and in line with market demand. This kind crane designed and manufactured in accordance with European FEM standards,as well as developed on the base of traditional crane.According to the construction, it is divided into single girder overhead cranes and double girder overhead cranes, According to the hoisting mechanism, it is divided into electric hoist type overhead cranes and winch trolley type overhead cranes. European cranes are available in various designs and configurations to ensure that you get the perfect system for material handling.


Advantages Of Single Girder European Overhead Crane

Reasonable Cost

Energy-saving and low energy consumption. European Overhead Crane adopt leading technology in transportation systems, electrical systems and other systems. Whether it is in terms of work performance or energy consumption, it has greatly improved compared with traditional bridge cranes.

Low operating and Maintenance costs, Is also a maintenance-free crane overhead crane,the selection of high-quality, high-performance parts, the workload of maintenance is reduced;

Advanced Design

Light-Self weight, Small Space Occupy, and effective use of plant space when protecting the plant from impact;

High Performance

Use variable-frequency technology, run with heavy load at low speed and light load at high speed, comprehensive anti-sway technology, can achieve high-precision positioning of lifting items;

Safety and Reliable

It has a number of protection measures such as limit protection and overload protection to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the crane.

We can provide overhead crane products to our customers in a short period of time, because we have our own overhead crane factory, 11 years of work experience and friendly cooperation with domestic logistics, while guaranteeing the quality of the products, it is sold at the ex-factory price without additional cost,if you customize in batches, our prices will be more favorable.



Condition: New

Type:Single Girder Crane

Span: up to 30 M

Cross Speed: 0~20 M/Min (VVVF)

Working Class: A5-A6

Customized single girder European overhead cranes for your selection

We offer overhead cranes with capacities ranging from 5 tons to 300 tons. You can tell us the crane specifications you want, such as rated load capacity, span, lifting height and hook coverage. Our professional team will develop a customized purchase plan for you. For more information on single girder European overhead cranes, please contact us online now.

Packing & Delivery of single girder European overhead cranes


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