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Electric Wire Rope Hoist

  • Double Girder Motorized Electric Wire Rope Hoist With Trolley
    1. The use of international leading technology ensures the ultimate size of the product. Under the guarantee of high performance, the structure is compact, the blind spot is reduced, and the investment is saved.
    2. Low headroom design can maximize the lifting...
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  • European Electric Wire Rope Hoist China Factory
    1. Optimized limit size, optimal use of space, light weight
    2. Quiet design
    3. low headroom, reducing the height of the plant and saving construction costs
    4. Integrated design of motor, fan, reducer, brake and reel, compact structure
    5. Optimized...
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  • European Electric Hoist Winch Trolley
    European electric hoist winch trolley Product description The European electric hoist winch trolley adopts advanced design concepts and high-performance components to ensure the optimal design of the whole machine, light weight, small headroom size, reduce wheel pressure,...
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  • Low Headroom Electric Wire Rope Hoist
    The design and manufacture of European electric hoist conforms to the FEM standard and DIN standard. It combines the 3D object modeling and finite element analysis technique to further optimize the gear transmission,box structure and the dimension of every spare part,in this...
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  • HC 20 Ton Large Tonnage Wire Rope Electric Hoist
    Use and maintenance of electric hoist
    1. The electric hoist that is newly installed or installed after disassembly and inspection should first be tested for several times in an empty car. but the installation is complete, do not try to turn on the power.
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  • Low Headroom CD MD Wire Rope Electric Hoist
    CD1 electric hoist is widely used in factories, warehouses, docks, power stations, logging yards and other occasions. It is a more ideal lifting equipment for lifting and handling items.
    MD1 electric hoist has two lifting speeds: normal speed and slow speed. When...
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  • European Design Single Girder Electric Hoist With Three In One Motor
    ◆ High strength nylon rope guide, pulley, self-lubrication to complete longer wire rope life
    ◆ High strength alloy wheel set to achieve longer wheel life
    ◆ Modular planning, the completion of sensitive combination
    ◆ Single beam lifting weight...
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  • European Standards Explosion Proof Technology European Explosion Proof Hoist
    Product Description Explosion-proof electric hoist single beam crane is usually called bridge crane, which is a common crane in industrial environment.The overhead crane consists of parallel runways and travel Bridges across gaps.A crane, the lifting part of a crane, moves...
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  • European Type Single Track Electric Heavy Duty Galvanized Wire Rope Hoist
    1. Optimized design with FEM standard, with light and beautiful appearance.
    2. Safe and efficient to operate, and meet current requirements of low noise and environmental protection.
    3. Imported Motors, aluminum alloy drawing molding with excellent...
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  • Traditional CD MD Remote Control Electric Wire Rope Hoist
    CD1 MD1 type electric hoist is the most popular hoist for single girder overhead cane, because of their characteristics of tight structure, smart body, safety and reliability, common-used parts, well changeable property, strong lifting capacity as well as convenient...
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  • 1 2 3 5 10 16 20 Ton Explosion-proof Electric Wire Rope Hoist
    1 2 3 5 10 16 20 Ton Explosion-proof Electric Wire Rope Hoist Description of 1 2 3 5 10 16 20 Ton Explosion-proof Electric Wire Rope Hoist 1 2 3 5 10 16 20 Ton Explosion-proof Electric Wire Rope Hoist is designed with explosion proof level ExdII BT4 and ExdII CT4, which can...
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  • Indutrial Explosion Proof Electric Wire Rope Hoist
    Indutrial explosion proof electric wire rope hoist Description of Indutrial explosion proof electric wire rope hoist Indutrial explosion proof electric wire rope hoist is designed with explosion proof level ExdII BT4 and ExdII CT4, which can be used on workshop fixed...
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