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Gantry Crane

Gantry Crane is a kind of bridge crane whose horizontal bridge is arranged on two legs to form a gantry shape. which runs on the ground track,and the gantry crane is mainly used for handling and installation in open storage yards, docks, power stations, ports and railway freight stations.
Classified by pick-up device,there are hook gantry crane, grab gantry crane, electromagnetic gantry crane, dual-purpose or three-purpose gantry crane.
Classified by Cantilever,there are full gantry crane,double cantilever gantry cranes, single cantilever gantry cranes.
Classified by Girder,there are single girder gantry crane,double girder gantry crane.
Classified by the traveling mechanism,there are Rubber Tyre Gantry Crane and Rail Mounted Gantry Crane
Classified by structure,there are box girder gantry crane and truss girder gantry crane.
Classified by legs,Semi Gantry Crane,L-shaped gantry cranes, C-leg gantry cranes, eight-legged gantry cranes with saddles, U-leg gantry cranes.
Due to the high quality of products, reasonable price, professional technical team and high-quality staff, Kino gantry crane sell well at home and abroad,and are exported to Europe, Middle East, South America, Southeast Asia and other countries.
  • Portable Gantry Crane Factory
    1.Thickened steel pipe and strong load-bearing capacity
    2.Laser cutting, high precision
    3.Electrophoresis spray paint, not easy to rust
    4.Cable clamp, no messy wires
    5.Four-wheel alignment, more stable
    6.Seamless welding, stronger
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  • MH Type Single Beam Gantry Crane With European Electric Hoist
    Model NO:MH
    Span:up to 30 M
    Lifting Height:6/9m customzied
    Load Capacity:3-32 Ton
    Lifting speed:8 0.8/8m/min customzied
    Travelling Speed:20/30/45 m/min customzied
    Working Class:A3
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  • Kino Cranes 10 Ton Gantry Crane
    Loading Capacity:0.5~30t
    Lifting Height:3~30m or customized
    Lifting speed:Single speed: 3~8 m/min or customized
    Variable speed: 1/10 m/min or customized
    Lifting mechanism:Wire rope hoist or electric chain hoist
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  • 5 Ton Gantry Crane For Sale
    Loading Capacity:0.5~30t
    Lifting Height:3~30m or customized
    Lifting speed:Single speed: 3~8 m/min or customized
    Variable speed: 1/10 m/min or customized
    Lifting mechanism:Wire rope hoist or electric chain hoist
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  • Container Gantry Crane Manufacturers
    Crane Capacity:50 ton
    Crane Span: 8m+25m+8m
    Lifting Speed:1-12m/min
    Trolley Rotating Speed:2 r/min
    Crane Working Duty:M7
    Technical specification for reference, spreaders is for container20” 40” 45”
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  • 5 Ton Portable Gantry Crane
    Safety feature of portable mobile gantry crane
    1. Crane traveling limit switch
    2. Weight overload protection device
    3. Lifting height limit device
    4. Voltage lower protection function
    5. Phase sequence protection function
    6. Emergency...
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  • Grab Bucket Gantry Crane
    Grab bucket gantry crane Description of grab bucket gantry crane This is a double girder type gantry crane for outdoor scrap yard use. In many steel plants, the raw material are steel scrap such as HMS and LMS. These raw material need to be processed to be more regular size...
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  • Kinocranes 10 Ton Grab Bucket Gantry Crane Double Drum Hoist 4 Rope 6 Peels Orange Peel Grab
    Steel mill use ISO A3 work duty single girder grab gantry crane, specific used in the steel mill spiral flow tank, for handling steel oxide material from the tank, 4 rope 6 peels orange peel grab is work better than 2 peels grab, for 4 ropes grab connect, we adopted special...
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  • Rail Travelling Mounted Gantry Crane
    Gantry cranes only have a leg on one side and a leg on the other side running on the workshop or trestle bridge. In order to expand the scope of crane operation, the main girder can extend to one side or both sides to extend the leg to form a cantilever. It is used together...
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  • Truss Structure Gantry Cranes
    Truss structure gantry cranes Description of Truss structure gantry cranes Truss structure gantry cranes are triangle truss, beam, leg, etc, component between shaft connection, easy to tear open outfit, transportation; It configuration automatically in the line and lifting...
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  • 30 Ton Gantry Crane
    This type crane include electric lifting trolley, crane steel structure, crane long travel drive, and power supply system for both trolley and crane long traveling. We have different designs to meet different customer's usage.
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  • Gantry Crane 10 Ton
    10 ton single girder gantry crane is used for a wide range material handling situation, it can be equipped with CD, MD,and European FEM standard wire rope hoist to meet customers different requirements. From A3-A6 work duty to suit different work frequency.It can be used in...
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