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Double Girder Gantry Crane

  • Grab Bucket Gantry Crane
    Grab bucket gantry crane Description of grab bucket gantry crane This is a double girder type gantry crane for outdoor scrap yard use. In many steel plants, the raw material are steel scrap such as HMS and LMS. These raw material need to be processed to be more regular size...
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  • 30 Ton Gantry Crane
    This type crane include electric lifting trolley, crane steel structure, crane long travel drive, and power supply system for both trolley and crane long traveling. We have different designs to meet different customer's usage.
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  • Double Girder Overhead Traveling Metallurgy Bridge Crane
    YZ casting bridge crane adopts double beam single trolley structure, which is mainly composed of bridge frame, trolley, hook beam, trolley operation and electrical parts. The main hook pickup device is fixed distance hook beam, used for lifting ladle, and the secondary hook...
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  • Steel Gantry Crane
    Double girder gantry crane bearing capacity is strong, span is big, the whole stability is good, the variety is many, according to the main girder structure is different and can be divided into box beam and truss two forms, the box structure is generally used at present....
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  • A Frame Gantry Crane
    The MGH electric hoist door crane is used with the electric hoist of CD, MD and HC models. It is a double-beam gantry crane with rail operation. It is suitable for lifting weights of 5-50 tons and suitable for spans of 12-35 meters. Working environment -20 ° C - + 40 ° C,...
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  • Rail Mounted Gantry Crane
    Product Highlights 1.Advanced software intelligent deceleration technology; Through the reasonable arrangement of the horizontal and vertical upward guiding wheels, the movement of the four lifting ropes in the space can effectively prevent the swinging and twisting of...
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  • Harbor Freight Gantry Crane
    Main technical performance description: 1) Type of crane: Subway slag gantry crane (U-shaped structure). 2) Lifting weight: 50t / 20t 3) Lifting height: 9m on the rail, 30m below the rail 4) Travel speed of the cart: 5 files, frequency conversion 4~40m/min; travel...
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  • MH Type Gantry Crane
    The MH-type gantry crane with a 5-ton gantry crane is used in conjunction with CD, MD, HC and other types of electric hoists. It is a small and medium-sized single-girder gantry crane with orbital motion. MH type gantry cranes are available in sizes of 7M, 7.5M, 8M, 9M,...
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  • 60t Double Girder RMG Crane
    RMG crane composed of gantry, crane crab, trolley traveling mechanism, cab and electric control system, and the gantry crane can be Box-type or Truss-type structure. The track is at the side of each girder and the leg is divided into type A and type U according to user’s...
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  • 15t Double Girder Grab Gantry Crane
    Product Description Scrapyard gantry crane is mainly attached with hydraulic grab or circular magnet. The crane standard capacity is 5-50t. Which is using for loading and unloading steel scrap metal from the open yard into a truck or vibrate trolley, the working duty is from...
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  • 45t Double Girder Rail Mounted Container Lifting Gantry Crane
    Production Details:
    1.Consists: Main girder;rigid and flexible crane legs;running trolley;hoisting mechanism;long traveling mechanism; electrical system and so on
    2.Control Method:Cabin control
    3.Customizable according to demand
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