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European Crane

European style crane is a medium-to-high-end overhead crane and gantry crane. It is a domestic crane user who summarizes the reliability, versatility and low price of domestic cranes. and combines European crane advanced technology, compact structure, light weight, energy saving and low noise. The requirements for overhead crane and gantry crane based on the characteristics of China's use,which are clear market requirements and a new definition of medium and high-end overhead crane and gantry crane.
European cranes mainly include: European overhead cranes, European gantry cranes, cantilever cranes, flexible beam cranes, explosion-proof cranes and other industrial cranes.
European style cranes are based on European lightweight and modular design concepts and advanced manufacturing processes, making the entire crane compact, stable, self-weight, height reduction, energy saving, greatly reducing the user's construction costs for cranes and cranes operating costs, improve the overall quality and running performance of the crane.
European cranes become the mainstream of crane development and market demand.
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