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Steel Mill Crane

Steel mill cranes, as the name suggests, are cranes used in steel mills. They are a type of metallurgical crane. Steel mill cranes mainly divided into casting cranes or ladle cranes, electromagnetic beam overhead cranes, clamp cranes and steel coil handling cranes. Steel mill cranes have a high working level in A6. -A8 working level, the working environment is bad (high temperature, high dust);
According to the characteristics of the steel mill, Kino Crane Metallurgical Crane has developed and produced a steel mill crane with large lifting capacity, light weight, high speed, high efficiency, energy saving, low maintenance and convenient maintenance. It has become the first choice for steel mills at home and abroad.
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Feel free to place orders for steel manufacturing crane, steel making crane, metal production crane made in China with our factory. As one of world's biggest steel mill crane manufacturers and suppliers in China, we also offer customized service.