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Slide Lead

type of power supply system, which feeds the mobile mechanical equipment with power. widely used to supply power for mobile equipment, such as mines, metallurgy, chemical industries, machinery, wharves and freight yards etc.
  • Busbar Punching Cutting Bending Processing Machine
    This bus bar processing machine is mainly used for various high and low voltage transmission and distribution complete sets of electrical and power transformers and other copper and aluminum busbar processing, respectively, for copper, aluminum row cutting, punching, bending,...
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  • Widely Used DMHx Single-Pole Safe Slide Lead for Hoisting Machinery Steel Plants Electricity Plants
    Product Introduction Our products are employed in various fields, such as hoisting machinery, steel plants, electricity plants, ports, wharves, metallurgy, warehousing, light industries, textile, shipbuilding, auto manufacture, petrochemical technology, pleasure grounds, and...
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