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Remote Control

  • Joystick Radio Remote Control
    Rugged, durable, dust-proof and water-proof, ergonomic design
    Dual-core codec to ensure reliable data communication
    Well-designed joystick, life span of 1 million times
    Smart key, perfect backup ability
    Real-time active control, in line with EU...
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  • EOT Crane Wireless Remote
    Remote main features: Durable, dustproof and waterproof, ergonomic design, stable core codec, reliable data communication, well-designed joystick, life expectancy up to 1 million times, smart key, perfect backup capacity
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  • Travelling Overhead Crane OHM Remotes
    Germany OHM brand remote control can be used for controling single beam electrical hoist crane, outdoor gantry cranes, double girder overhead cranes, etc.
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  • Crane Wireless Control Remote
    1. With 2 operation buttons, plus 1 stop button.
    2. Control points up to 4.
    3. With battery voltage warning device, it can cut off the circuit when the voltage is insufficient.
    4. Safely rotate the key switch to prevent unauthorized use.
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  • F23-A Industrial Use Wireless Remote Control
    F23-A Industrial Use Wireless Remote Control is suitable for industrial control remote control of lifting mechanism, electric vehicle, electric door and 4 contacts.
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  • F23BB Industrial Radio Wireless Control Remote
    Emitter size:164mm*75mm*46mm weight:315g Receiver size:167mm*154mm*88mm weight:1400g
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Feel free to place orders for made in China with our factory. As one of world's biggest remote control manufacturers and suppliers in China, we also offer customized service.