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Electric Chain Hoist

  • Explosion Proof Electric Chain Hoist
    Item:Anti-explosion electric chain hoist
    Crane Capacity:1 ton - 35 ton
    Max Lifting Height:5m
    Lifting Speed:7/2.3 m/min Double Speed
    Traveling Speed:11m/min
    Motor Insulation Class:IP54
    Control Method:Pendent Line Control
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  • China Electric Chain Hoist Suppliers
    1.Item: 1t Chain Hoist
    2.Crane Capacity: 1t 2t 3t 5t or customized
    3.Max Lifting Height: 5m
    4.Lifting Speed: 7/2.3 m/min Double Speed; Traveling Speed: 11m/min
    5.Motor Insulation Class: IP54
    6.Control Method: Pendent Line Control...
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  • China Electric Chain Hoist Factory
    1. Compact structure, light weight, small wheel load, the best using of space;
    2. Accurate positioning, running high efficiency, improving production efficiency;
    3. Durable, reliable and safe,operation monitoring, easy maintenance;
    4. Modular design, more...
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  • Explosion-proof Chain Pulley Hoist With CE Certification
    Use environment:
    1. Below 1000 meters above sea level
    2. The ambient air temperature is not higher than +40℃, not lower than -20℃
    3. The power grid fluctuates within ±10%
    4. The relative humidity does not exceed 95%, which can prevent dripping...
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  • Travelling Trolley Chain Hoist
    HHBB electric chain hoist is a kind of light and small lifting equipment, which has the advantages of compact structure, light weight, small size, strong versatility of parts and components, and convenient operation.
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  • Electric Chain Hoist Electric Monorail Trolley
    product advantage
    ■ Suitable for complex and dangerous situations
    ■ Smooth operation, small impact, can be started with load
    ■ Stepless speed regulation, accurate positioning
    ■ Overload protection, exhaust protection
    ■ The brake is safe and...
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  • Single Double Speed 3 Phase A.C. Low Headroom Lifting Electric Chain Hoist
    1. This type is SY model endless eletcric chain hoist. It can be manufactured from 300kg to 35T.
    2. It can be manufactured in double lifting speed and double running speed
    3. We can adjust the trollley size according to your I beam Type.
    4. It is very...
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  • Double Speeds Pendent Control Chain Type Electric Hoists
    Its a kind of light and small lifting equipment, which is composed of motor, transmission mechanism and sprocket.
    Lifting capacity:0.3-32 tons
    Lifting height:3-120 meters
    Its widely used in workshops, warehouses, wind power generation, logistics, docks,...
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  • Single Speed Control Electric Chain Hoist
    Single speed control electric chain hoist has stable transmission, low noise, light weight and novel structure. The chain hoist adopts high-strength aluminum alloy body, which has beautiful appearance, compact body, small volume and light weight.
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  • Hook Hanging Suspension Electric Chain Hoists
    Capacity:500-5000 kg
    Product Code:HHBB01-01SS
    Lifting Height:3 m
    Lifting Speed:2.7-8.6 m/min or customized
    Output:0.75-3 KW
    Test Load:750-6250 kg
    Net Weight:42-138 kg
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  • Manual Plain Trolley Electric Chain Hoists
    Manual plain trolley electric chain hoist travelling mechanisam is controlled manully by people. The work loads are 500KG 1ton, 2ton, 3ton, 5ton. Control models can be remote or pendent line push buttons.
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  • 3T Electric Trolley Chain Hoist
    Name: Motorized chain hoist
    Model: HET01-03
    Lifting height:3~9m
    Rail model: I beam size 80~180
    Hoisting speed:3.9/6.6m/min
    Chain dia.:6.3-9mm
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