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The whole machine structure
Europe type structure
modular design
compact structure, low headroom, small dimension
light weight, small wheel load
saving steel structure height and construction cost
reducing limiting size, increasing efficient working space


Main beam
European optimization design
Ultrasonic detection
CNC cutting, smoothing deflection curve
Strong box design, less distortion
automatic welding
whole beam shot blasting treatment class: Sa2.5, Relieving welding residual stress
Epoxy zinc-rich paint,10 years life span for anti-rust

Lifting mechanism 
Flexible side hanging lifting system
modular design, Easy installation and maintenance
VVF controlled trolley travelling speed

Lifting Motor, Reducer 
squirrel cage, double speed or inverter motor, maintenance-free
High protection class IP55
continuous operation duration factor 60%ED
Built-in thermistor overheating protection, Optimization of air-cooled
Compact side hanging gear box, hard tooth flanks, High Reliability, long operating life, quiet design
Half grease lubrication, Sealing good, Oil tight

Electromagnetic disc brake
small volume,closed type
Large brake torque up to 300%
Automatic compensation to brake clearance, maintenance-free
brake lining thickness automatic alarm
Sealing good, dust proof
Non-asbestos friction plate, long life, environmentally friendly

Limit switch 
Cam rotation type, meshing gear reducer, precise lifting height
Four points control, programmable, Adjustable height control
Rising  speed limit to reduce impact
Top limit to prevent hook collision
Accurate phase sequence control


Drum and wire rope
Super large diameter
Welded drums, light weight
Drum and wire rope diameter ratio up to 47(China normal 27)
Large wire rope curvature
high location accuracy, smal0
.0l deviation
High strength galvanized steel wire rope, breaking load 2160KN/mm2, clean 
No need anti-rust oil, maintenance-free, clean 
nodular cast iron rope guide, little wear, long operating life

Three-in-one motor 
Variable frequency motor
H protection class IP55, continuous operation duration factor 60%ED
Smooth and reliable operation, little swing scope
Hard tooth flanks, High Reliability, long operating life, quiet design
Disc brake

Security monitoring unit(Optional) 
Calculating lifting mechanism remaining life
Cumulative lifting time, Number of overload, Motor start times, lifting motor overheating protection and alarm,
Overload protection and alarm
Thickness of the brake pad alarm


Safe Bus Bar 
anti-corrosion, closed insulation type 
High conductivity, low volatge drop
light weight, nstallation convenience, maintenance free
Working temperature: -30°C~+60°C
High sliding speed for current collector to ensure continuous power supply

Electric control box 
surface by the anti-corrosion treatment
reasonable layout, easy maintenance 
protection class IP55
Ambient temperature: <45°C,humidity <90% 
Cable with color marks and galvanized steel pipe protection


Trolley cable dragging system
Consisting of flexible flat cable, cable trolleys,C channel
Flat cable with good flexibility 
Aerial socket connecting, one to one correspondence, convenience of connection
maintenance free, long operating life.


Lifting Trolley Travelling Rail
Steel material China Q345B standard, hot-rolled flat steel, good shape.
Light weight 
Large contact rate between wheels and rail
Less tolerance of trolley span, stable trolley running