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Kinocranes New Workshop For Double Girder EOT Crane

Dec 05, 2019

Sinokocrane EOT Crane New Workshop

Kinocranes new workshop extension is almost complete, from Jan, 2020 this new workshop will be in service.

This new workshop will be used for the cross travelling trolley fabricate & assembly, by then our production value will be doubled, also the inner material transfer cost will be reduced for EOT crane and gantry crane!

By 2020, you will receive more reliable quality with on time delivery, also more competitive price for the following types of cranes in Sinokocranes factory!

1.       General purpose overhead cranes,

2.       General purpose gantry cranes,

3.       Steel mill cranes

4.       Port yard RMG rail mounted gantry cranes

5.       Crane parts and accessories.

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